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Lev Livshits Foundation


The Life of the Jews and Jewish life in the Soviet Union

(from the murder of Solomon Mikhoels to Eduard Kuznetzov’s aircraft hijacking affair)

5 March, 2018

Opening of the Workshop. Welcome words (Prof. Simha Goldin, Dr. Vera Kaplan, Prof. Rafael Vago)

Dr. Konstantin Bondar (Tel Aviv). Kharkov – Tel Aviv: scientific readings in memory of Lev Livshits and its renewal.

I. "Rootless Cosmopolitans" and their ethic code.

Moderator of the meeting – Dr. Tanya Livshits-Azaz.

Prof. Alexander Gordon (Haifa). “Rootless Patriots”. The tragedy of one family.

Dr. Tanya Livshits-Azaz (Jerusalem). Lev Livshits. His life and destiny.

Dr. Stiv Levin (Jerusalem). Lev Livshits as one of the first ottepel Babel researchers.

Miriam Gamburd (Tel Aviv). Moshe Gamburd – the national Moldavian painter.

Dr. Victor Yuht (Kharkov, Ukraine). The Father and the Son. Vladimir Livshits and Lev Losev.

Lina Kertman (Haifa). Lev Kertman and Sara Fradkin - expatriation from Kiev.


II. Jewish individuals, dreamers, pioneers.

Moderator of the meeting – Prof. Alexander Gordon.

Yaakov Basin (Jerusalem). National policy and social attitude of the powers to the Jews in the USSR after the WWII.

Prof. Ze’ev Khanin (Ariel). Ideological trends and organizational institutions of the USSR Jewish movement after the WWII: definitions and structures.

Nina Preigerzon (Tel Aviv). Dual life of Zvi Preigerzon: Hebrew writer/Soviet professor.

Dr. Zoya Kopelman (Jerusalem). Studying the Prohibited Hebrew in the USSR.

Dr. Velvl Chernin (Ariel). The life of Yiddish after defeat of Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee and murder of Yiddish writers.

Dr. Ze’ev Dashevski (Jerusalem). The motives of Purim and Chanukah in the revival of Soviet Jewry.




Closing of the Conference

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